Accommodation, Food, Shopping and Transportation in Hong Kong

For our accommodation, we stayed at Taisan Guesthouse in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Marcus and his siblings did not stay here, but reading other blogs made me decide to book our accommodation here. It’s cheap, accessible to most of the tourist spot in TST and most especially, it is managed by a Filipina so communication was a breeze.


Restaurants and food stalls are abundant in Hong Kong. For our trip, we were able to find a budget friendly Chinese food at Maxim’s which has plenty of branches all around Hong Kong. We also tried the food at Food Republic, a food court inside Citygate Outlet. Notable, we also fell in love with the egg tart serve at KFC.



For cheap souvenir items, you can go to Temple Street Night Market or commonly known as Men’s Night Market situated at Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon. You can also drop by Citygate Outlet before going to Sunny Bay MTR Station (gateway to Disneyland) where you can buy branded items at very reasonable prices.



Aside from the Tram, there are other modes of transportation in Hong Kong:

A cheap way to reach the Mainland from the airport is via the Cityflyer Bus which is also a double decked bus.




Hong Kong has a very organized MTR system that connects the entire island in the country. You can buy an octopus card to gain access to MTR.














Your trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without the Star Ferry ride. Voted as top 10 most exciting ferry rides around the world.



(you may check our budget and itinerary for this trip – Hong Kong-Macau Tour)

Disneyland, Lantau Island

Day 2


We missed out Ocean Park, so we promised not to skip Disneyland. Disneyland is a huge theme park inspired by Walt Disney’s characters and originated in USA.


For Hong Kong Disneyland, it is divided into 5 “lands” each with its distinctive concept:

The Main Street – patterned to Disneyland USA

You can have a tour around the theme park aboard a train at Disneyland Railroad

You can also see Mickey Mouse and Friends, Disney princesses and other characters during the grand parade at the main street.




Adventure Land – be ready to get dirty and wet for a complete adventure experience.


Toy Story Land – most of the rides derived from the movie Toy Story

RC Racer is ride where a car drives back and forth on a U-shaped track


Tomorrow Land – is all about aliens, UFOs and outer space.

tomorrow land
Orbitron is a flying saucer ride


While Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster is an interactive game


Fantasy Land – reliving our childhood memories of Disney’s princesses, Mickey Mouse and Friends.

Watch a 3D musical act at Mickey’s Philhar Magic


Ride one of the 60 beautiful horses at Cinderella’s Carousel


Walk through a magical gateway at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle


Make a wish at the Snow White Grotto


Seat back and enjoy a story telling ride at the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


Witness children around the world singing “it’s a small world” in their native language in It’s a Small World


And to cap your Disneyland experience, do not miss the amazing Fireworks Show before the park closes.


(you may check our budget and itinerary for this trip – Hong Kong-Macau Tour)

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Island

Day 1


After our tour to Hong Kong Island, evening was spent roaming around Tsim Sha Tsui, a well-known sightseeing area in Kowloon Island. Tourist spots, museums and historical landmarks are located near each other and you can reach all destinations by foot.

Avenue of Stars – a counterpart of Hollywood’s Hall of Fame. It is where more than a hundred Hong Kong famous personalities in the film industry are honored by statues, hand imprints and individual stars.


avenue (1)

The Clock Tower – the only remnant of Kowloon-Canton Railway system and was declared monument in 1990. It is said that most Filipinos stay here during Sundays.




Symphony of Lights – a group effort of more than 40 buildings with synchronized laser, lights and musical show held every night at 8PM for 10 minutes along TST promenade. Aside from the spectacular presentation, this is also for Free.


symphony(you may check our budget and itinerary for this trip – Hong Kong-Macau Tour)

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Island

Day 1

Our initial plan was to go to Ocean Park but, blame it on the cold weather (with occasional rain shower) we ended up staying at our guesthouse, cooked and ate our lunch (you can use the kitchen stove and utensils) while watching a delayed telecast of Eat Bulaga (the land lady’s a Filipino).

Thank God the rain had stopped; we eagerly went out of our guesthouse to get to our planned afternoon destination… the Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is one of the highest mountains in Hong Kong Island which is known for malls, restaurants, museums, observation deck and the tram.

Peak Tram – aside from the bus, one means of transportation going to the peak is via tram. It is the world’s oldest and steepest funicular railway.


Peak Tower – it is where the upper terminal of the Tram is located. You can have a wonderful view of Hong Kong Island in this place. It also has shops, food stalls and other attractions like museums.


Wax Museum – formed by Madame Tussauds which has several other branches around Europe, America and Asia. A creation of life size statue of well known celebrities, movie stars, politicians and sports icon made of wax.

Presentation1(you may check our budget and itinerary for this trip – Hong Kong-Macau Tour)

Hong Kong

Let me start this entry by thanking Marcus of Ambot-ah and his VERY detailed D.I.Y. Hong Kong-Macau trip blog. We patterned most of our itinerary to his and all of it was precise so less time wasted.

Second, a piece of advice for those who are feeble of cold weather, NOT to visit Hong Kong and Macau during the months of December to February because it is their winter season. Though I was initially informed about it, I haven’t had the slightest idea of how cold is COLD until I felt it firsthand. Due to the weather, we cancelled our trip to Ngong Ping and Ocean Park.

Lastly, like what Marcus said in his blog, Filipinos Are All Around Hong Kong so you can ask for directions (they would even approach you first when they see that “I’m lost” look upon your face).

Accompanied by my travel hubby, siblings and brother-in-law, we braced ourselves for a 3 days D.I.Y. trip to these two Special Administrative Region of China.

hong kong(you may check our budget and itinerary for this trip – Hong Kong-Macau Tour)


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