Hongkong and Macau

After our first outside the country trip in Singapore & Malaysia, we headed next to Hongkong and Macau together with my hubby and
siblings. This was also my first DIY tour with the help of Marcus Blog. Below was our budget for this trip:

Day 1
dinner 100.00 50.00
manila-hongkong 19:10-21:10
airfare 920.00 920.00
terminal fee 750.00 750.00
travel tax 1,620.00 1,620.00
purchase octopus card 60.00 43.20 21:00-6:00 mtr card
Day 2
-Cityflyer airport-TST(bus A21) 198.00 198.00 6:00-8:00 13th stop from the airport
check-in TAISAN guesthouse 1,200.00 1,296.00 8:00-13:00 4680+1800=6480/5pax 3D2N
breakfast 120.00 grocery then
lunch 300.00 96.00 cooked at the guesthouse
STAR FERRY RIDE 13:00-15:00
-Taisan-TST pier(bus) 26.40 26.40
-TST pier-Central pier(ferry) 13.80 18.00
-Central pier-the peak near st. john, very long walk
VICTORIA PEAK 15:00-17:00
-central-the peak(tram) 318.00 168.00
-the peak-central(bus15) 58.80 60.00
-central-TST(mtr) 51.00 48.60
dinner 300.00 139.20 17:00-18:00 maxim central
-TST-TST pier(bus) 27.60 27.60 18:00-18:30
CITY TOUR 18:30-20:30
avenue of stars
symphony of lights
clock tower
-TST-Kowloon(mtr) 27.60 27.60 20:30-21:00
NIGHT MARKET 21:00-23:00 temple street
-Kowloon-TST(mtr) 60.00 27.60 23:00-00:00
Day 3
breakfast 120.00 60.00 7:00-8:00 cooked breakfast at Taisan
-TST-Lai King-Tung Chung (mtr) 78.90 84.60 11:00-12:00
CITYGATE 12:00-14:00
lunch 300.00 136.80 food republic
-Tung Chung-Sunnybay-Disney(mtr) 11.40 11.40 14:00-15:00
DISNEYLAND 15:00-21:00
entrance fee/mao 2,400.00 2,280.00
-Disney-Sunnybay-Lai King-TST(mtr) 75.00 102.00 21:00-22:00
dinner 300.00 192.00 22:00-23:00 kfc
Day 4
breakfast 120.00 30.00 7:00-8:00 cooked breakfast at Taisan
-TST-Central-Sheung Wan(mtr) 60.00 267.00 9:00-10:00
Hongkong ferry terminal 10:00-11:20
-hongkong-macau(turbojet) 900.00 906.00 11:20-12:30
Macau ferry terminal 12:30-13:00
-casino free shuttle terminal across the road via underground pass
lunch 300.00 300.00
-shuttle-terminal-grand emperor shuttle
senate square free food & drinks
st. paul ruins
na tcha temple
-shuttle-terminal-venetian macau shuttle 18:00-19:00
venetian macau-airport 19:00-20:00
dinner 300.00 204.00 20:00-21:00
Day 5
hongkong-manila 920.00 920.00 22:15-01:00
souvenirs 963.50 630.00
buffer 2,000.00 340.00 taxi to and from airport
15,000.00 11,980.00
*hkd is also used in macau
*travel was last january 2012

Singapore & Malaysia Tour

This was our first time outside the country, a worry-free trip since we were accompanied
by my sister-in-law in singapore and my friend in malaysia, and probably our cheapest
international tour so far, because our accomodation and even our meals was all for FREE :)
Day 1
megamall to clark (bus)           400.00        400.00 7:00-9:00 philtranco
clark to singapore (plane) 12:00-15:40 cebu pacific
airfare        1,132.50     1,132.50
travel tax        1,650.00     1,620.00
terminal fee           750.00        600.00
SINGAPORE TOUR: 17:00-23:00
-dinner at gao feng steamboat
-souvenir shopping at chinatown
budget for fare           500.00
budget for food           500.00
budget for souvenir           500.00        300.00
Day 2
singapore to malaysia (plane)        1,400.00     1,400.00 14:10-15:20 air asia
MALAYSIA TOUR: 17:00-23:00
-petronas tower
-ritz carlton hotel
-dinner at jalan alor hawker’s area
-seri wawasan bridge
-masjid putra
-perdana putra
-pullman hotel
budget for fare           500.00        543.50
budget for food           500.00        275.50
budget for souvenir           500.00        558.00
Day 3
malaysia to singapore (plane)        1,400.00     1,400.00 7:45-8:40
-merlion 10:00-23:00
-clarke quay
-fullerton hotel
-vivo city
-sentosa island           105.00        200.00
-universal studio        2,310.00
budget for fare           500.00        400.00
budget for food           500.00        750.00
buffer           720.00
Day 4
singapore to manila (plane)        1,132.50     1,132.50 1:30-5:00
     15,000.00    10,712.00

Rizal’s Ancestral House, Calamba Laguna

I have been to this place four times already. First time was in high school, as part of our educational trip. Second time was in college, as part of our Rizal subject. Third time was with my family when we had our family outing. And just recently when we went to the wake of our colleague’s father located a few distance from Rizal’s house.

And I always have mixed emotions each and every time I come to this place. The feeling of nostalgia, giving you glimpse of how it has been during the Spanish period. The silence and eerie sensation surrounding the house. The wonder of how the place is preserved and maintained for the next generation to marvel.


All the furniture, picture and fixtures will definitely take you back in time. Definitely a must see destination when you visit Laguna anytime.


Aklan Update

I have been to the one of the best beaches in the world last 2010 and told myself that “I shall return.” And I’m back not only to fulfill my promise but also to witness a union of two souls who themselves holds Boracay a special place in their hearts.

Unlike on our previous trip, we stayed for 2 nights in Kalibo and slept on the following accommodations:

Garcia Legaspi Mansion – along Roxas Avenue atop BPI Bank with contact no. 09173080585

Avenue 5 Hotel – also along Roxas Avenue atop RCBC Bank with contact no. 09984357806

We have chosen these two accommodations because they are both walking distance going to Sto. Niño Church. The van terminal going to Caticlan is also located in between these two places. Fare is only P100 compared to P250 if you’re coming from the airport. Tricycle fare going to airport is at P100 per trip. Airport Terminal Fee is also P100.


In Boracay, we stayed at Isla Del Mar – Station1 with contact no. 09177945097. The wedding was held at Sto. Rosario Church (the only Catholic Church on the island) and reception followed at Estacio Uno.

For our other expenses from Caticlan Jetty port to Boracay:

Boat Fare – P25

Environmental Fee – P75

Terminal Fee – P100

Tricycle to and from the Boracay Port costs P100 per way

(Note: you need to pay another terminal fee aside from the boat fare going back to Jetty Port from Boracay)


Special mention to Kuya Yrel Meneses with contact no. 09476444635 the driver of the van who suggested Avenue 5 Hotel and to Kuya Marlo De Ocampo with contact no. 09104174120 for the Boracay activities. For van rental and boracay activities, you may call these two persons. Kuya Marlo by the way is also from Carabao Island so you can ask him for a boat rental.

Visiting relatives in Tagum City

After all the tour and our sumptuous lunch courtesy of our gracious hosts, we then proceeded to their house to finally see Lola Colet. My hubby actually met her last 2010 while his aunt and uncle have not seen her after she left Bicol and permanently stayed in Tagum. Everyone was so elated to be reunited with Lola Colet.


Our special thanks to Auntie Susan and the whole family for the warm welcome and for the well accommodation…not once, twice but thrice already. God bless you and your family always.


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