Singapore River Safari

Just a 2 minute walk from Singapore Zoo is the River Safari. Opened in 2013 with 12 hectares of land where at least 300 species of 5,000 land and aquatic animals dwell. Entrance fee is 32sgd for adult and 21sgd for kids. Opening hours is from 10:00AM to 7:00PM.


Your tour here would not be complete without the river cruise. Since we don’t have enough time, we skipped the Amazon River quest.


While waiting for your queue on the river cruise, you may watch the animal show near the docking area.


It has 4 zones:

Rivers of the World – this is the first zone that you will see upon entering the area. Different marine animals are exhibited, segregated from different rivers of the world (Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mary, Mekong, and Yangtze)

Giant Panda Forest – another must see animal for the kids because of the movie Kung Fu Panda. Aside from the giant panda, there is also red panda here.


Wild Amazonia – where other animals like the jaguar, giant ant eater, different types of chimpanzee from the amazons and other aquatic animals are displayed.

Amazon Flooded Forest – one of the attractions here is the underwater tunnel where ample otters play.



Singapore Zoo

Opened in 1973 with 28 hectares of land where at least 315 species of 2,500 animals live freely. There are barriers, moats and glasses to keep the visitors safe.


There is also a tram which has 4 stations to help you roam the zoo. Entrance fee is 35sgd for adult and 23sgd for kids. Opening hours is from 8:30AM to 6:00PM.


It has 8 zones:

Treetop Trail – the first zone you will see upon entering the zoo while going to tram station 1.

Primate Kingdom – it is where monkeys of different species of are located.

Australasia – the zone where animals from down under, like the kangaroo are exhibited.

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia – the main attraction here are the colony of baboons and the white tiger.

Wild Africa – it is where you will find animals from the wild that we don’t see often like the lion, leopard, cheetah, puma, zebra, rhinoceros and giraffe. This is my favorite zone among all the 9 zones and where we explored the most.


Fragile Forest – different variety of birds and insects are placed in this zone.

Reptile Garden – where you can find diverse selection of reptiles like snakes, tortoise and crocodiles.

Frozen Tundra – it is where animals that require a colder environment are housed. The polar bear that died recently was previously placed in this zone. The African penguins (one of our must see list because the kids loves the movie Penguins of Madagascar) are placed near tram station 1.

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore is the 4th among all Universal Studio worldwide and second in Asia. It is located in Resorts World, Sentosa Island.  Entrance fee is 76sgd for adult, 56sgd for kids and 38sgd for seniors. Opening hours is from 10AM to 8PM.

Universal Studio Singapore has 7 areas:

1. Hollywood      


MEET & GREET – this is the main entrance of the park where you can have photo ops with some characters from different cartoon movies. For us, we were greeted by Dru.


2. Madagascar               

MADAGASCAR A CRATE ADVENTURE – it is river boat ride which tells of a story about some of the characters in the movie Madagascar who was found missing inside the zoo and how they were able to escape. I could compare this ride with “It’s a Small World” of Disneyland Hongkong.


3. Far Far Away

SHREK 4D ADVENTURE – a 3D show about how Shrek and Donkey rescued Princess Fiona kidnapped by Lord Farquaad. With special effects like water sprays, air blowers and moving chair, the ride was enjoyed not only by the kids but by my parents as well.




4. The Lost World

WATERWORLD – this attraction is a reenactment of Waterworld the movie. With actual artists, live explosion and crashing of a plane, you can have a glimpse of how the movie was made.





DINO SOARIN’ – it is a spinning ride of Pteranodons that you can operate up and down by pushing the button in front of you. Safe ride for  kids.


5. Ancient Egypt


REVENGE OF THE MUMMY THE RIDE – is a highspeed roller coaster that tells about the revenge tale of Imhotep. Before you can hop on the main ride, you will walk into a cavern with some of the props used in the movie are displayed. You will also see a lot of warning sign that this ride (total darkness, sudden & dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, dropping and backward motions) is not good for frail heart. The queue is very long but it’s all worth it!4

6. Sci-Fi City



TRANSFORMER THE RIDE – also a 3D ride where you will feel that you are inside one of the Autobots personally fighting the Decepticons to protect the Allspark. One of the best ride in Universal Studio Singapore.

7. New York

SESAME STREET SPHAGETTI SPACE CHASE – It is a spaceship-roller coaster ride where you will help Elmo bring the stolen spaghetti back on earth. A good, safe ride for kids



Sentosa Island

Sentosa is the fourth largest island in Singapore and a popular island resort that can be reached from mainland via cable car, sentosa express and bus services. It is divided into 8 areas:

Merlion Plaza

Merlion – One of the 5 official statues of Merlion in Singapore. It is a 37-meter-tall statue with a viewing deck on its head.


Beach Station

Siloso Beach and Point

Palawan Beach

Resorts World

Lake of Dreams –it has a musical show with dancing lights, water and fire every night for free.


Candy shops – stores like Candylicious and Hershsey’s Chocolate World with huge candies and chocolate bars in display.


Imbiah Lookout

Sentosa Cove


Sentosa Boardwalk & Faber Peak

Chinatown Singapore

Chinatown is located in Central Area Singapore where you can buy souvenir items for a very cheap price. The area also has preserved heritage sites and temples:

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – located within Chinatown and was established in 2002. It has a museum at the 3rd floor which focuses on the future buddha, Duta Maitreya.


Sri Mariamman Temple – also located within Chinatown and the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Founded in 1827 and is dedicated to the mother goddess, Sri Mariamman for protection of diseases.