Museum of 3 Cultures, Misamis Oriental

Good thing there are other museum around CDO and we were able to visit one of them, the Museum of 3 Cultures.


Founded in May 2008 by Madam Laureana San Pedro Rosales with 3 parts:

Kasaysayan – all about migrants from other provinces like Camiguin and Butuan. It also has some prehistoric artifacts.

Lumads – Indigents like the Manobo, Higaunon, Matigsalog living in CDO. They also have display of some native crafts.

Posaka Maranao – Posaka means heritage. It showcases the Muslim custom and traditions.

The museum is located inside the Capitol University also established by Madam Laureana San Pedro Rosales. Opening hours is from 9:00-5:30 Monday to Fridays (with lunch break from 12:00-1:30) and 9:00-12:00 Saturday and close on Sunday. Entrance fee is P50.00 with guided tour.




Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental

Got a chance to visit again Misamis Oriental last May. This is my third time and the main purpose of this trip is work related. Still, I was able to visit some tourist spots in the heart of CDO.

St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral – founded in 1624, this neo-gothic church is run by Augustinian friars.

 Gaston Park-adjacent to the cathedral is Gaston park. Named after the pre-war municipal mayor Segundo Gaston. This is also the site of battle of Cagayan in April 7, 1900. It was also used as execution ground during Spanish era and training ground for local soldiers during American period.

City Museum – located across the park, one unique thing is that it is positioned in a water tank built in 1922. Considered as one of the oldest public structure in Cagayan. Renovated in 2008 and used as the city museum. Unfortunately, the museum was closed during the time of our visit. Opening hours if 9:30AM-5:00PM Monday to Fridays.


Baguio City

We are blessed to originate from a province less than 2hours travel to one of the top tourist destination in Luzon…Baguio City. Had another chance to visit Baguio last year and we are joined by our grandfather on this trip. Since Baguio is less than 2 hours from Pangasinan we just had our day tour.

Lion’s Head-you would not miss this gigantic statue if you are coming from Kennon road on your way up to Baguio.


The Mansion – located in Leonard Wood Road, it was built in 1908 to house the US governor and generals. There are days where you can get inside but is close to public most of the time.


Wright Park – located across The Mansion and known for its manmade pond called “Pool of Pines”. Children and those children at heart will enjoy the main activity here which is horseback riding.


 Mines View Park – located 4kms from the city proper where you can see the panoramic view of Benguet province.


Burnham Park – located at the city proper and the most well-known tourist spot in Baguio. There are a lot of activities here, boating, biking, and strolling. You can also pitch a tent if you just want to sit and relax.


Las Ventanas, Tagaytay

It’s our wedding anniversary once again and we are on our 9th year as husband and wife. Just like what we did last year where we just spent the whole day on the beach in Camaya Coast, we went out of town just to relax and unwind. Again, I purchased a promo from Metrodeal for Las Ventanas in Tagaytay. For P1,900 per night on a weekday (with additional P1,000 if you are going there on a weekend or holiday) you can stay at their twin room inclusive of plated dinner and breakfast, free use of swimming pool and a 60-minute whole body massage for 2.



Going there is easy even if you are commuting. On our way to Las Ventanas, we took the van from Starmall going to Balibago, travel time is around 45 minutes. From Balibago terminal, we rode the jeep going to Tagaytay Market, travel time is 30 minutes. On our way back to Manila, we took the bus going to Lawton, travel time is 2.5 hours.

Once you arrived at the public market, you will see Collete’s store across the street. There is a narrow path besides the store and you need to walk a steep road, about 300meters to reach Las Ventanas. You may opt to ride a tricyle.


dinning hall

Las Ventanas is a 2,600 sqm property tucked in a highland of Tagaytay. Amenities include swimming pool, massage area, garden and dining hall.


massage area

Rooms have no aircon which is quite ok since the breezy wind of the highlands will make you feel cool and comfortable. There are no tv and wifi as well because they want their visitors be detached to the busy world. The place is also surrounded with plants and trees to make you feel more relax while enjoying the nature.


inside one of the rooms

The place is simple and unassuming although some area needs to be maintained. For me, the original rate of P4,000 is pricey and P1,900 promo rate is acceptable considering the free meals and massage. But for the purpose of relaxation and bonding moments with your love one, being detached with the hustle and bustle of the metro and communing with nature is definitely achievable here.


swimming pool

So how much did we spend for this trip:


Las Ventanas Metrodeal promo                                       P1,900

Van from starmall edsa-balibago terminal                     P140

Jeep from balibago-tagaytay market                               P80

Tricycle from market-las ventanas                                   P30

Snacks (drinks,chips,bread,fruits)                                     P160

Tip for Massage                                                                    P100


Tricycle from market-olivares terminal                           P20

Jeep from Olivares terminal-diner’s                                 P20

Lunch at Diner’s Bulalo overlooking taal volcano          P490

Bus from Diner’s to Lawton                                               P190

                                                                                                P3,130/2 pax

Rizal Windmill, Pililia Rizal

This windmill is the one nearest from the metro and overlooking Laguna de Bay.


27 wind turbines in 4,515 hectares of land under Alternative Wind One Corporation.