Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino – Clark, Pampanga

My sister’s friend invited us… Errr… we actually invited ourselves to join them in their summer outing at Fontana. We packed our clothes, bought our snacks, cooked our meals and off we went.

When going to Fontana  for those who have private vehicle, you can take Angeles Exit via NLEX, turn right besides Marquee Mall and find your way going to SM Clark. From there, enter the Clark Freeport Zone and you can see signage going to Fontana.

Fontana is a Resort and Country Club with membership. It has several recreational facilities such as golf course, casino, gym and sports center, man-made lagoon for fishing and boating, water theme park and hot spring for swimming. It also caters services like salon, sauna and spa. They also have accommodations such as hotel, villas and town houses. (visit their website




















     Theme Park







2PM is the check-in time and since we arrived early, we went directly to the Water Theme Park.

Water Theme Park entrance is P375 on Mon-Thurs and P475 on Weekends. For members, entrance fee is P150 good for 10 pax with P50 worth of food stub per person. (Note: bringing of food is not allowed inside the Theme Park). 

The park has several themes; they have a pool with 3 giant slides, water factory area, a pool with pirate ship, lazy river, the big horn, a wave pool and the water cottage slide. The last one is my favorite theme because of the big bucket that will pour down water once it’s full. Waiting for the bucket to vent is exciting and the splash of water is so intense. The big horn is a fave as well; you will ride on a big ring buoy and slide down the big horn. Kids are not allowed because of the strong impact when sliding down. If you’re tired, you can go around the whole park while riding on a life buoy in the lazy river.





The Big Horn








     Three Giant Slides









Water Cottage Slide








     The Pirate’s Ship









Wave Pool





About 2PM, we checked-in in one of their standard villas. It has 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and 2 comfort rooms. The villa is quite big and has complete facilities from cable television, refrigerator, electric stove and centralized air condition. After fixing our things, we had our lunch and rested for a while.

We went back to the Water Theme Park around 4PM. We would go to the wave pool and will go to different parts of the park every time the wave stops. We stayed there ‘til 7PM.

Because I got tired swimming and taking care of my two nephews we slept early, too bad I was not able to join my sister and her friends in the casino.

We woke up early and strolled along the area. After eating breakfast, we fixed our things and prepared to leave. My sister’s friends intended to stay ‘til afternoon so we just bid them farewell with our last words…”sa uuliitn” (‘til next time).


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9 responses to “Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino – Clark, Pampanga

  • Japan


    Excellent post. Thanks pertaining to sharing these details. It’s really of great be an aid to me. From a person’s article, I know extra in this particular respect. I may continue paying attention to your write-up.

  • arelberg

    thank you for this informative post. Our company will be there this weekend! (y) (y)

  • denieve

    Hi thank you for your blog. Its very informative. My gf and me will be going there tomorrow nov 3, 2015. However i just want to clarify the “food is not allowed in the theme park” is it only applicable on that theme? And with that 375 intrance fee do we have access to all of the themes or we only need to select one. If food is allowed in some other themes can we bring softdrinks in can? If food is not allowed, are there foods we can buy inside and is it delicious and affordable? Im sorry for these lots of questions. I just want your help for us to prepare. Thanks…

    • pinay travelaholic

      hi denieve! thanks for the appreciation. with the entrance fee, you can gain access to all the theme parks. however, you cannot bring food and drinks because they have their own snack bar inside. if you have your packed food, you can eat it outside or at your car (if you have one). God bless your trip and have fun =)

  • Krystal

    Until what time is the water theme park open during Saturday?

  • Darryll

    Hi, your blog is very helpful. May I ask if Fontana is open Mon-Sun especially this summer time? Can’t connect with their front desk/reservation. Thanks in advance.

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