A Lot of First: Day 1-Cebu

Second day with my new surname…I am still static reminiscing the day I got married. Still in dreamland, I suddenly felt fingertips gently sloping in my cheeks. As I opened my eyes, I saw the man who is now officially my husband. But he’s not there to join me in my fancy, he was actually waking me up…Darn, I forgot we have an early flight!!! Too sleepy to stand up but too excited for this will be my first flight, I hurriedly fixed myself and hopped on the first cab we saw on the street.

 Good thing it was in the early hours flight so the traffic was not yet heavy. We arrived an hour and a half early at NAIA Terminal 3 with enough time to process our tickets and gate pass. We traveled light so we don’t have check-in baggage. While waiting to board (and since this is my first time), I became anxious. Negative thoughts started running on my brain. What if…? What if…? What if…? (check my post Isn’t it Ironic)


And so we boarded, and we flew and touched down… Thank God I survived my first ever flight.


We arrived at Cebu-Mactan Airport past nine in the morning. We hailed a taxi going to Cebu Business Hotel in Cebu City. Upon arriving, we placed our things at our room and started to roam. Not for sight-seeing but for food searching as I can now hear my hubby’s stomach rumble (since I woke up late and we were not able to eat breakfast back home). We found a fast food chain just across the street and after eating we slept for a while then started our City Tour.

 The hotel is strategically located near the top tourist spots here in Cebu, all we needed to do was walked along the streets of Colon. Colon Street by the way is a landmark in itself, it is considered as the oldest street throughout the country. We have also passed by University of  Visayas College (first university in Cebu) and Gaisano Main (one of the first mall in Cebu).

 Our first stop, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño


We arrived in Cebu a week after the Sinulog festival that’s why there were still many devotees lined up to hold the cape of Santo Niño while whispering their petitions. The image is claimed to be the oldest religious figure in the Philippines. It took us less than two hours before we were able to reach the image but the time spent waiting was worth it since we were engrossed with the old paintings of the history of the church along its corridor.

 Second stop, Magellan Cross


This is located at the back of Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. The image is a replica of the first cross planted in the Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan. It is roofed with murals on the ceiling illustrating the coming of the Spaniards here in our country.

 Third stop, Cebu Municipal Hall


We have also seen the Cebu City Municipal Hall a few steps away from Magellan Cross. One of the huge and modernize halls that I have seen all over the country.

 It’s already dark when we decided to go back to our hotel. To our surprise, Colon Street (that was congested with automobiles earlier) was closed to vehicles and has transformed into a night market. There were stalls for dry goods and stalls for foods. We learned that it was part of the month-long celebration of Sinulog Festival.

 We ate at one of the food stall and enjoyed our dinner of grilled squid and fish and tasted their “puso” (sticky rice cooked in knitted banana leaves). We were also serenaded by locals while eating. After our dinner we strolled along the street and bought some souvenir items. Its past 10 in the evening that we decided to call it a night.

(you may check our budget for this tour A Lot of First)


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