A Lot of First: Day 3-Bohol

Our itinerary for the whole day was to go to Panglao Beach. Because I don’t have any idea of what is in store for us in Panglao, we decided to take this day nice and slow. We woke up late, ate our breakfast, watched the news and scheduled our trip at 11am.


We arrived at Bohol Beach Club around 11:30AM. Entrance is P350 with P250 consumable on food. Upon entering the resort, I was astonished with the sight…

the beach

the sand   

the view

I can’t find the right words to put in writing. The place is… PRISTINE. Leaving Olman’s View late was a VERY BIG MISTAKE. This is one of the few travel decisions I have made that I regretted so much. But I didn’t want to dwell on my despair and spoil our honeymoon, so I let go of my sentiments and appreciated every single details of what Bohol Beach Club possessed.


My eyes were satiated with the beautiful landscape that I forgot it’s past lunch time so we decided to have our lunch. Even if BBC is a triple A Resort, the food is not that expensive. With additional few bucks on our P500 budget, we were able to order rice, grilled fish, calamares, ensalada and mango juice as refreshment.

Plus the breathtaking view of the ocean while eating…

After eating, we roamed along the vicinity to check their amenities.

Dining hall

Souvenir shop

Swimming pool

 We stayed besides one of the cabana and settled on the sand ‘til the sun finally rested.

One thing that I love in Panglao Beach specifically in Bohol Beach Club was that it was not crowded. I enjoyed the quietness of the place and calmness of the sea. Panglao became my favorite beach since then. We left BBC with my thoughts…I SHALL RETURN.

(you may check our budget for this tour A Lot of First)


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A Filipina who loves to travel. Born with a family of travelers and started traveling when she was just 2months old. Raised in the hustle and bustling life of the metro but has savored the laid back lifestyle of the countryside during summer vacations. At a very young age, she has experienced being stranded on a train for 3 days, being thrown inside the window of the bus just to save a seat and “top loaded” (riding on the roof) on a PUJ just to reach their destination. …Traveling became her adventure since then. View all posts by pinay travelaholic

3 responses to “A Lot of First: Day 3-Bohol

  • rommel

    I’m sorry. It was really a regret that you were late. 😀 so many missed, the snorkel, the dolphins, and even the low tide! I can only assume that you’ve traveled a lot that you already experienced those things elsewhere. If so, The small Virgin Island is a big miss then. Those food look mighty delectable though. Love that place esp. at night when they have live music playing. The oceanview dining is a splendid way to gorge.
    So to barge in like this.

    • pinay travel-a-holic

      hi rommel!
      oh yes, one of the few regrets in my travel life. but then again, this mistake made me realize that i should use all my precious time seeing all the wonderful spots in every places that i visit. every flaw in every travel is a learning process for me.
      thank you for dropping by and feel free to post your comments.
      God bless our travels!!!

  • rommel

    *Sorry to barge in like this.

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