A Birthday Travel Treat for Lolo

This will be the first time that my grandfather will celebrate his birthday without my grandmother around. So to make him feel better, we treated him to a birthday travel to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Below was our itinerary and budget for the tour:

airfare (to-from) 1,250.00 1,250.00    
terminal fee (to-from)    250.00    250.00    
meals (cook food at accom.)    162.50    150.00   1,300/8pax 3B/3D

Day 1

arrive at palawan     15:45  
Aniceto Pension House    625.00     3,750/6pax 3N/4D
-inclusive  of gas and   kitchen usage            500.00   1,000/2pax 2N/3D
Top Star Tour Package        
-honda island hopping 1,000.00     6,000/6pax w/lunch
-underground tour 1,200.00 1,200.00   9,600/8pax w/lunch
-city tour    162.50    162.50   1,300/8pax van only

Day 2

ISLAND HOPPING:     8:00  
snake island        
pandan island        
starfish island        

Day 3

lunch at taraw        
swim at sabang        
st. paul sub river park        
sidetrip vietnamese village        
CITY TOUR     17:00 DIY walking tour
plaza cuartel        
immaculate concepcion        

Day 4

CITY TOUR     7:00 DIY van only tour
iwahig penal colony        
crocodile farm        
mitra’s ranch        
baker’s hill        
lunch at chicken inato   150.00   100.00   1,200/8pax
leave palawan     12:50  
buffer   200.00     300.00   souvenirs
  5,000.00  3,912.50    

follow the chain:

Palawan Island and Puerto Princesa Airport

Aniceto Pension House and Topstar Travel and Tours

Rest Area, View Deck, Ugong Rock, Vietnamese Village, Taraw and Sabang

Plaza Cuartel, Immaculate Concepcion Church and Baywalk

Municipal Hall and the “Baragatan Festival”

Penal Colony, Crocodile Farm, Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill

Chicken Inato and “Tamilok”

Subterranean River National Park, Puerto Princesa Palawan


About pinay travelaholic

A Filipina who loves to travel. Born with a family of travelers and started traveling when she was just 2months old. Raised in the hustle and bustling life of the metro but has savored the laid back lifestyle of the countryside during summer vacations. At a very young age, she has experienced being stranded on a train for 3 days, being thrown inside the window of the bus just to save a seat and “top loaded” (riding on the roof) on a PUJ just to reach their destination. …Traveling became her adventure since then. View all posts by pinay travelaholic

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