Subterranean River National Park, Puerto Princesa Palawan

Finally, the long wait is over. I am about to conquer the place I longed for. Seeing in the distance the verdant St. Paul Mountain Range and the wonderful limestone karsts made this pursuit further appealing. A few more minutes and my feet felt the warm, fine, cream-colored sand.



The Park boasted  picturesque view, and like an appetizer before the main dish, my eyes feasted to this place surrounded by lush green forest, floras and faunas. We passed thru a man-made pathway. Animals like monitor lizard, monkeys and even snake freely roamed in the area. Our personal encounter of how wildlife is all about.




Catching the vista of the River with its green-colored water sparkling like wine got me mesmerized. And hearing the mouth of the Cave calling me, enticing to explore her, made me want to ride the boat in that instant. But I was stalled because we still need to fall in line and gear up with life vest and helmet. While waiting eagerly for our turn, we checked out the signage and read the information about the park. I’m impressed on how the Palaweñeos gave utmost respect to this mountain-to-sea ecosystem and how they value the conservation of the environment.



The boat is good for 8 persons, exact number of my brood. We settled on our seats with some instructions from our tour guide, a few paddle, and finally, the much awaited scene is right in front of me. The mystery of the cave wherein I’m spell bounded was about to unfold.



Upon entering, darkness took the limelight from the glittering river and the bright forest. Armed with the flashlight, my sister was instructed where to point the light. And there we saw, the splendid stalactite and stalagmites. The tour guide made us used our vision to see the images like animals, blessed images and even parts of a human body. Laud to this skilled tour guides who knows when and where to flash the light, and would sometimes crack jokes that made our tour more entertaining.




I was out in a fantasy world, visualizing the images that were formed ages ago. But suddenly claustrophobia stroked me, and the new world that I was enjoying suddenly succumbed into the darkness. No, I must fight this fear. The long wait will turn into waste if I dwell in this fear. I was trying to calm myself when out of the blue it appeared the wide part of the cave with huge stalactite and stalagmites. Gradually, I regained my composure and all those fears turned into ecstasy.



The tour was about 30mins, we only traversed 1.5km of the 8km stretch because the rest was not easily accessible. Seeing the light from the mouth of the cave gave me two sensations, the thrill of coming back to the open and the pain of losing the place I once owned. The thirst for this place has now been quenched, but not quite, since there is still a lot more unexplored.


I am now leaving the place that I longed for, the place that I have now conquered, and the place that I would love to see again.

Maybe, sometime.

Hopefully, someday.

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A Filipina who loves to travel. Born with a family of travelers and started traveling when she was just 2months old. Raised in the hustle and bustling life of the metro but has savored the laid back lifestyle of the countryside during summer vacations. At a very young age, she has experienced being stranded on a train for 3 days, being thrown inside the window of the bus just to save a seat and “top loaded” (riding on the roof) on a PUJ just to reach their destination. …Traveling became her adventure since then. View all posts by pinay travelaholic

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