Singapore & Malaysia Tour

This was our first time outside the country, a worry-free trip since we were accompanied
by my sister-in-law in singapore and my friend in malaysia, and probably our cheapest
international tour so far, because our accomodation and even our meals was all for FREE 🙂
Day 1
megamall to clark (bus)           400.00        400.00 7:00-9:00 philtranco
clark to singapore (plane) 12:00-15:40 cebu pacific
airfare        1,132.50     1,132.50
travel tax        1,650.00     1,620.00
terminal fee           750.00        600.00
SINGAPORE TOUR: 17:00-23:00
-dinner at gao feng steamboat
-souvenir shopping at chinatown
budget for fare           500.00
budget for food           500.00
budget for souvenir           500.00        300.00
Day 2
singapore to malaysia (plane)        1,400.00     1,400.00 14:10-15:20 air asia
MALAYSIA TOUR: 17:00-23:00
-petronas tower
-ritz carlton hotel
-dinner at jalan alor hawker’s area
-seri wawasan bridge
-masjid putra
-perdana putra
-pullman hotel
budget for fare           500.00        543.50
budget for food           500.00        275.50
budget for souvenir           500.00        558.00
Day 3
malaysia to singapore (plane)        1,400.00     1,400.00 7:45-8:40
-merlion 10:00-23:00
-clarke quay
-fullerton hotel
-vivo city
-sentosa island           105.00        200.00
-universal studio        2,310.00
budget for fare           500.00        400.00
budget for food           500.00        750.00
buffer           720.00
Day 4
singapore to manila (plane)        1,132.50     1,132.50 1:30-5:00
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    15,000.00    10,712.00

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