Leyte and Samar Trip

Another cousin of my travel hubby got married last February, this time in Leyte. It is our first time to set foot in this province so aside from attending the wedding; we stayed a couple of days touring around Leyte and the nearby province Samar.

Below is our budget and itinerary for this trip:

Day 1
-house-airport(transpo)      100.00      100.00 8:00-11:00
breakfast      100.00        80.00
-manila-tacloban(plane)      700.00      685.00 12:05-13:20
lunch      100.00      100.00
-attend wedding (sto. nino) 13:30-onw
accommodation GV Hotel      500.00      400.00 800/2pax
Day 2
breakfast      100.00        85.00 5:00-6:00 850/10pax Dahil Sayo
-rent multicab      100.00      120.00 6:00-12:00 1200/10pax
-san juanico bridge
-ship memorial
-sto. Nino shrine
-mcarthur landing
-palo cathedral
lunch      100.00        65.00 12:00-13:00 450/7pax Rafael’s Farm
-attend mass (sto. nino church) 17:00-18:00
accommodation GV Hotel      500.00      400.00 800/2pax
dinner      100.00        65.00 18:00-19:00
Day 3
-gv hotel-vanvan terminal(tric)        10.00        10.00 5:30-6:00 20/2pax
-tacloban-caluwayan(van)      150.00      160.00 6:00-7:00
-caluwayan resort        50.00        20.00 7:00-10:00 entrance fee
breakfast      100.00      180.00
-marabut-tacloban(van)      100.00        50.00 10:00-11:00
-duptour terminal-gv hotel(tric)        10.00        10.00 11:00-12:00 check out
lunch      100.00        85.00 12:00-13:00 rafael’s farm
-gv hotel-market(tric)        10.00        10.00
-market-airport(jeep)        20.00        13.00 13:00-13:30
-tacloban-manila(plane)      700.00      793.00 14:50-16:10
terminal fee      150.00      150.00
-airport-antipolo(transpo)      100.00      100.00 17:00-19:00
dinner      100.00        87.00
buffer   1,000.00      500.00 souvenirs
  5,000.00   4,268.00

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A Filipina who loves to travel. Born with a family of travelers and started traveling when she was just 2months old. Raised in the hustle and bustling life of the metro but has savored the laid back lifestyle of the countryside during summer vacations. At a very young age, she has experienced being stranded on a train for 3 days, being thrown inside the window of the bus just to save a seat and “top loaded” (riding on the roof) on a PUJ just to reach their destination. …Traveling became her adventure since then. View all posts by pinay travelaholic

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