Tracing roots…Badoc, Ilocos Norte

This is my fourth time in Ilocos province. Together with my family and relatives from Bicol, our main objective for this trip is to get acquainted with our relatives from my grandfather’s hometown in Badoc.

Municipality of Badoc is as 3rd class municipality in the province of Ilocos, Norte. Even if this place is not part of the usual Ilocos itinerary for tourist, Badoc has its own fair share of tourist spots.

Parish of St. John the Baptist

Also known as Badoc Church, estimated to be more than 200-year-old baroque style church made up of bricks and stone.


 It also has its bell tower and buttresses on the side of the church, a typical church design in Ilocos province.


 The church also houses the image of La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc. Story tells that in year 1620, the image of the Blessed Mother and a statue of the Black Nazarene were seen floating on the shores of Sinait, Ilocos Norte. Fishermen from Sinait were able to move the Black Nazarene but not the image of Mother Mary while the fishermen from Badoc were able to moved La Virgen Milagrosa but not the Black Nazarene. The locals took the two statues to their respective towns, hence becoming their patron saints.

Slide3This year, the image is scheduled to be canonically crowned on May 31, being the 37th Canonically Crowned Marian Image in the Philippines.

Juan Luna Shrine

The Lunas were natives of Badoc Ilocos Norte. Juan, the internationally-acclaimed painter is born in Badoc while Antonio, a revolutionary general is born in Manila. That is probably why the two-storey ancestral house was named after Juan Luna.


Upon entering, there is an audio-visual presentation of the Luna’s history. At the second floor are rooms with antique bits and pieces of the family.


The museum has six galleries which houses memorabilia from the Luna folks particularly the paintings of Juan and some of Antonio’s belongings.


 Gabut Beach Resort

Most of my relatives live near the seashore. I, being a beach enthusiast find this place a blessing for them. Who would not want to have a residence walking distance to a beach?


 Our relatives scheduled a get together lunch in Gabut Beach Resort, a resort about 1 kilometer from their abode. We are happy to see some familiar faces and finally got acquainted with the others.


Special thanks to our gracious hosts kuya Nelson Duran and family for the food and booze, kuya Andring Nicolas and his 3 sons for welcoming us to their beautiful home, to Llyod for accompanying us on our Badoc tour, to the Pajinag, Magbulos and all the Balbas clan I was not able to mention.


Ilocanos are known for being “kuripot”… probably not in my relative’s case =)


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