Test Blog 123


I’m about to enter the world of online diary, photo journals, social networking, feeds and blogrolls.

 So let me dedicate my first blog to my fellow travelers and prominent bloggers who have helped me in some of my travels and have inspired me to take a journey not only on the road but on the web as well. To Sir Marcus, Ms. Nina, Sir Tutubi, Ms. Gael, Sir Ed, Sir Paolo, Ms. Chyng, Ms. Monette and Sir Ron, Ms. Lois and Ms. Chichi and Sir Jerik, I salute you all!!!

 Test Blog 123…


Why Oh Why

WHY TRAVEL? Traveling is my obsession; it is already a part of my system and maybe one of the reasons of my existence. I believed that half of me am destined to travel and the other half is yet to explore. Traveling nourishes my intellect, revitalize my spirit and soothe my weary psyche. But the best part of traveling is being with my travel HUBBY, then and there every moment and place becomes… PRICELESS.

WHY BLOG? A self-confessed “KURIPOT” (parsimonious). My aim is to travel to places without spending a lot and reading travel blogs has helped me achieved this goal. And as a sign of gratitude, I want to share my own experiences thru blogging so that I can help others who are also “TIGHTFISTED” like me, to enjoy traveling without spending much. So, follow my quest of Budget Traveling through this blog.



Isn’t Ironic

I love Alanis, collected all her albums, mimic all her songs and even her style. But this is not about her; it’s about her song…

As you already know by now, I am fixated with traveling. But the irony of it is that, I have this certain fear to travel or to be specific, by mode of transportation:

Plane – I’m a bit claustrophobic (fear of close space). The first time I flew on a plane I almost panicked, it felt I was confined in a box with no air to breathe.

Boat – First is I don’t know how to swim, second is I’m a bit of Thalassophobic (fear of sea) especially whenever we sail on an open sea without any island in sight

Car- Oh yes even car, we had an accident which ironically happened a day before my wedding day. Since then I became a bit Ochophobic (fear of vehicle) and I cannot sleep during long travels unlike before.

 Sometimes, I fantasize owning a “travel capsule” so that I can be transported to my destination with less travel (and in less time). But since it’s just a wishful thinking, I opted to face the truth and conquer my fear:

Plane – On my very first flight, I stayed at the window side of the plane so that I can see the outside. I booked my third flight at nighttime and unaccompanied. At another flight, I sat on the back of the plane with no window.

Car – I have started my driving lesson and already got my non-pro license.

Boat – (honestly, this one is quite difficult for me) I am still planning to go somewhere by sea transport instead of plane and I’m still looking forward on learning how to swim.

Above all these, I always pray every time I travel for safety and strength to overpower my fears.

 In psychology, the best way to overcome your fear is by exposing yourself to it. I cannot say that I’m totally cured with this insanity but I’m definitely fighting to satisfy my urge to travel. I am currently practicing the Mind over Matter scheme and believing with the slogan that goes: “Face your Fear and Live your Dream.” Achieve what you aspire for, may it being traveling, sports, or anything that interest you.  Don’t let the ironies of life interfere your goal.

“Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you…”


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