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Suhot Cold Spring, Capiz

Just beside the entrance of Suhot Cave lies the Suhot Cold Spring.


The natural water comes from Panginraon Mountain. If you are not interested taking a plunge on the cold water, there are available huts and benches where you can just sit back while enjoying the forest view.

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Suhot Cave, Capiz

Suhot cave is a series of interconnected caverns stretching 18 kms in distance.

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Another well-known and a much bigger cave is the Lahab Cave. But we did not dare visiting the cave anymore because of the 15-30mins trek before reaching the mouth of the cave.




Capiz is a part of Western Visayas Region with 16 municipalities and 1 city Roxas, also being the capital of the province.

a (7)Dumalag is a 4th class municipality of Capiz. It is where Suhot Cave and Cold Spring is located, two tourist destination we did explore.


Nogas Island, Antique

Nogas island is a 26-hectare marine and bird sanctuary, also part of the municipality of Anini-iy. You can get to the island from Siraa-an Hot Spring for 10-15mins boat ride. Boat ride is P500 good for 10 pax. Environmental fee is P20 per person.

a (5) There are a lot to see in the island, white sand, mangroves, beautifully lined up trees and the light house. But due to time constrained, we were not able to set foot on the island. We just had the glimpse of the island from Siraa-an Hot Spring.


Siraa-an Hot Spring, Antique

Siraa-an Hot Spring is a resort on a cliff overlooking the sea. It has a large swimming pool and several mini pools where you can relax while enjoying the sea view.

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The resort is managed by the Local Government Unit of Anini-iy. Entrance fee is P20 for local and P50 for foreign.

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